Specialising in musculoskeletal orthopaedic, spinal and sports rehabilitation

Francesca qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the University of Birmingham in 2009. Since then she has gained a wealth of experience working in the NHS, a charity and private practice. Her varied experience gives her a holistic view on treating a wide variety of conditions and patient groups.

She has a keen interest in sports and helping people to achieve their full potential. Francesca adopts a biomechanical assessment approach to identify the root causes of injuries. She believes in hands on techniques to reduce pain in the acute stage, together with a strong emphasis on treating the underlying cause with preventative exercises so that positive outcomes are maintained in the long term.

Francesca treats conditions from work related issues, to traumatic injuries or post operative rehabilitation. She combines acupuncture and Pilates with her physiotherapy treatment to achieve the best possible outcome. She has a specialist interest in spinal rehabilitation, and believes in preventative physiotherapy as well as rehabilitation.